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Gray Surveyors offers many services, including but not limited to: 

  • Subdivision:
    Gray Surveyors are able to undertake all subdivision work including rural, residential, commercial and industrial. We also have experience in strata, community and neighbourhood title subdivisions. Gray Surveyors has the facility to electronically lodge our plans for registration with the Land & Property Information via ePlan. A Registered Land Surveyor must sign off on all subdivision plans.
  • Identification Survey:
    These surveys are advisable prior to purchasing a property. All boundaries, structures, fences and easements and/or convenants are located and provided to you via a sketch and accompanying report. The report details any boundary encroachments or title limitations and allows further investigation in relation to compliance with local and state planning legislation. These surveys can only be completed by a Registered Land Surveyor.
  • Level Survey:
    Gray Surveyors are able to determine building floor levels, existing and proposed, to ensure compliance with Council requirements in relation to flood levels and building height restrictions in aircraft flight path areas.
  • Detail & Contour/Site Survey:
    Gray Surveyors are able to survey site features and produce a plan of the subject site land that shows major vegetation, buildings, structures, fencing, contours of the land, location of boundaries and easements and visible services. These are required when designing your new home allowing your Builder, Architect and/or Draftsperson to accurately design your home to suit your subject land preventing/minimising the potential of poor design aspects.
  • Construction Survey:
    Gray Surveyors are able to provide an inexpensive method and accurate way of ensuring your home or project is constructed as per design plans. Upon setout, Gray Surveyors provide sketches of marks placed, ensuring good communication is in place for the contractor using the information, resulting in efficiency and cost savings to the project.  

Gray Surveyors are also experienced in all Civil Engineering Design, which include roads, stormwater and sewerage.

We operate with two man survey field parties, in four wheel drive vehicles, equipped with the latest electronic total stations (and/or Lecia GNSS equipment as required) including all safety equipment. We are also able to complete volume surveys for dams etc with our own boat and access difficult terrain with our quad bike.


  • GNSS – Lecia (Base station system 500, 2/200 Rovers – accuracy: +/- 15mm horizontal, +/- 25 mm vertical)
  • Lecia Total Station 1200 (TCRP 1201+) Robotic & Reflectorless (up to 1km) – accuracy: 1” of arc, +/- + 1.5ppm EDM (std mode), +/- 2mm + 2 ppm reflectorless (<500m)
  • Lecia CS15 Hand Controller – Viva Software (single person capabilities)
  • 2 x Nikon Total Stations NPL 632 – accuracy: 3” of arc, +/- 3mm + 2ppm EDM,
    +/- 3mm + 3 ppm Reflectorless. 


  • Civilcad V7.2 
  • Autocad LT 2004 & 2010